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Goal setting



Goal setting is an important part of progression and personal development. This is especially apparent to me in archery as it can often seam like progress has stagnated if I don’t shoot a new record every few weeks.

In the past I have set myself a goal each season that I  want to achieve before the end of the summer tel term. Last year this was shooting over 500 in a Portsmouth round with Barebow. Unfortunately I missed this by 2 or so points or 1 session depending on how you look at it, as I scored 498 in the penultimate shoot of the year and then smashed that target with 515 on the first session back in September. Since then my score has steadily risen every month or so, to where I currently stand at 529.

The next goal I set myself was to shoot a Portsmouth without any blues. This was because I was shooting quite erratically with most of my arrows being ok, but every now and again one would fly out from the group and land in the 5 or 6 ring. I think that was a more constructive goal to set myself than getting a new high score as it encourages me to concentrate on each and every shot.

These goals are alright and better than nothing, but they are woolly and aren’t very specific. So going forward I am going to try to set SMART goals regularly, and record how I Progress on them to ensure I keep pushing myself and working on relevant areas of my technique.

Long term goal:

Maintain or improve my position in the UKSAA E-League this year, I am currently sat in second place in the individual RBB table. I would also like to remain on the Plymouth Uni ‘A’ team for the remainder of season.

In addition to continuing to shoot indoors for the UKSAA I would like to qualify for the DCAS squad for next season, requiring qualifying scores on outdoor rounds.

Aspirational goal: Score 550 on a portsmouth round.

Mid Term Goal:

Experiment with different handle shapes to improve bow hand posture and stability.

Short term goals:

Improve my technique, in particular work on my loose and eliminate any beard plucking that is currently plaguing my shooting and regularly leads to serious pain and enforced breaks, as well as steadily thinning my beard.

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