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Using rescue time to keep track of: a review

I recently discovered a great little gem of a pc program(and app), that helps me keep track of where me time on the pc and phone actually goes.

Their blurb is: find your ideal work-life balance, and it does this with style and decourum. (the application stay in the background and does not get in the way or require much attention at all. and i forget that it even exists. all the while it is mining data which is then output to a new and beautifully styled website.

The PC app is tiny and uses very few resources. and requires next to no input from the user.

windows app

windows app

The web front end looks and handles very well both on mobile and PC. There are an almost infinite ways of viewing your data, by hour, day or week. or by category, or by application/website directly.

it also keep track of when your ‘best’ and ‘worst’ days were, which can be usefull for motivational purposes.

There is also a new (to me) feature which allows users to create targets which are prominently displayed on the home page. this is great and i immediately set up two (less than 4 hours distracting time per day, and more than 4 hours per day of productive time). I would like to point out that i meet these targets most days although my worst day I did log a shocking 11:59 or distracting time, and that doesn’t include this summers insane AC:BR splurge that I went through while off college, in which i spent about 18 hours in game each day for a week.

Because rescue time manages to slip into the background so effectively the most used feature i think is the weekly summary email that is sent to my inbox. this allows me to quickly and easily see how much productive time I logged during that week.

while I Primarily use rescue time to log what i do in the background there seem to be someĀ  new features in the android app that allows you to start a certain type of offline activity (such as meeting,food, family or excercise) and start recording time as this activity, but personally i prefer to simply monitor my screen time with very little input from myself.