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YouTube Remote: a review

This little known free app by google is great, and adds some really useful features to youtube.

I discoverd youtube remote recently while browsing googles own apps on the play store. what this does is allow you to control an instance of youtube in chrome or firefox (on pc/mac untested) from your phone and build playlists from your mobile device. This is similar to chromecast except that you dont need a dongle. simply point  browser to youtube.com/tv and select the gear icon (top left) and pair device. I believe this also works with smart tvs that have a built in youtube app.

adding a screen

Youtube Remote: adding a screen

This is great as it allows you to sit back and watch youtube videos in even more comfort. and it alos utilises the new(ish YT tv interface which has a larger video screen and less white areas which reduces eye fatigue). this works great in conjunction with “f11” (full screen) for an even better experience.

you dont even need to log in for this to work although this helps with finding relevant videos through subscriptions and the “videos for you” feature.



While this app still feels rough round the edges i still think that it is well worth getting.

For those that still dont think this is tv enough for you. theres always XBMC.