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Easton Target Arrow Comparison spreadsheet

I thought I would share my easton arrow spreadsheet, or what eastons arrow selector could have been.
It allows easy filtering by max shaft length available, or maximum spine. etc,

So for example I require 33.5″ shafts and a spine of 300-380 thou. this can be easily filtered using excel’s filters. this shows that my choice of arrows is severely limited for long range outdoors to either X10s/X10-Protours or Procomps.

the main reason for creating this was to test Excels web query function, and the results (only) are available below.

Easton arrows available in 33.5″ with a spine of 360 or greater.

As always servers aren’t free and if you feel that this or any of my work has been helpful please donate, any amount is appreciated!

To view the spreadsheet, simply download it below.