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Contributors: loenjaselter
Tags: screenshot, gallery, website, design,
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Requires at least: 3.3.0
Tested up to: 4.0
Stable tag: trunk
License: GPL2
License URI:

Custom Post Type that takes a URI and automatically takes regular screenshots of that site to use in a gallery or showcase of websites.

== Description ==
= Overview =
This plugin registers a new post type \’site\’. Each site (obviously) has a URL, this used to generate screenshots of the site on a regular basis (or only on user request). These images can be easily then used throughout your site.
Automatic screenshots requires an Page2Images account (from free).

  • Easy setup.
  • See websites as it would appear on different platforms including Iphone 4 and 5 and android phones.
  • Secure API.
  • locally stored images (reduces valuable API calls), full history of site vieweable
  • More APIs coming (get more choice about where the screenshots are coming from).
  • Free Full version.
  • First of (hopefully) many plugins by myself.

= Best results with are achieved using this plugin: =
bxSlider integration for WordPress

Main Plugin Page


== Installation ==
* Extract and upload \”\” to your plugins directory.
* Then head over to you plugins managment page and activate \”LSelter Webshowcase\”.
* Refresh your page and you should see a new \’Sites\’ page tab (this should be underneath the comments section).
* Now got to settings > LSWC Settings and enter your Page2Images API Key (the rest API one).
* Configure your options to your liking.
* Done!
*Optionally install bxSlider integration

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= Q. Are you affiliated with Pages2images? =
A. No, in no way shape or form.

= Q. Does this plugin depend on any other plugins? =
a. No, although bxSlider integration is reccomended.

=Q. I have found a bug in this plugin what do i do? =
A. Please report any bugs here Bugtracker
Similarly any feedback or feature suggestions are also welcomed here feedback

== Screenshots ==
1. View in home page
2. Edit View
3. Admin Options

== Changelog ==
* Initial Release.

== Upgrade Notice ==
=00.01.01 =
staying further back is just silly.

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