It’s been a while

So its been way too long since I last updated this blog!

I haven’t been idle in the time since my last post. in archery news I Had a very successful rest of the indoor season and went on to have a great outdoor season, achieving Bowmans qualification within 5 weeks and 4 shoots of starting outdoor shooting. I carried this on to getting onto the county squad and have been able to massively benefit from coaching organized for this during the winter season, having gained a much better appreciation of the mental side to the sport.

Starting in september I started back at university for the 3rd year of studying. during the end of the outdoor season and into the 1st few months of the new indoor season I was able to put a lot of time and money into my archery, acquiring a new set of UUKHA limbs and setting up my X7 arrows with XS-Wings. I was able to keep a log and was planning to train and shoot in excess of 500 arrows per week. unfortunately this has been tricky since I also started my dissertation, “Numerical analysis of a Marine hydraulic motor valve”. This has since become a large part of my year.

Recently I have had to reduce my shooting to less than a portsmouth per week. On the other hand I have continued working on my riser grip project and used my 3D printer to repair and improve some of my archery kit.

My grip models can be found here:

And a small selection of tab plates that fit the KSL gold leather, plates and spacers can be found here:

My bracing height broke so I replaced one of the clips with this part:

A Fellow archer needed a longer clicker plate to fit their riser (MK Korea brand) so this was created:

And my bow needed some new weight covers to match the all black look so These were modelled and printed:

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