Lselter WebCase WP plugin (LSWC)

This is a new project idea I Have:

Project homepage

The Idea is to allow users to create a “showcase” of websites easily and for screenshots to automatically update. This plugin is primarily for myself, but if there is interest I will consider releasing it. I started coding it yesterday so early days…


  • easy interface to add or edit websites
  • allow overriding of auto screen shots
  • maintain archive of screenshots for each website
  • create slider to display websites


  • I will use the page2images API to create the screenshots
    • While I may integrate further API’s later I chose this one to start as it produced high quality images with reasonable speed and it hass a free price plan.
    • when the plugin is fully functional I plan to add more APIs for screeshots.
  • I will use bxSlider to create the sliderdisplay
    • having looked at various slider options and bx slider has come up as the most recomended option again and again.
    • If there is a need to add more options I will consider this after initial release.