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Altis Life Scripting Guide Pt 1 (Intro and File Structure)

Hi there, long time no see… Its been a while since the last post, I have been busy since working on loads of different projects (Not all of which are falling together like I had hoped). I have done a significant amount of work with the popular arma 3 mod and game mode Altis Life. I have found a distinct lack tutorials and guides on writing scripts and modifying it (other than specific script tutorials).

Altis Life has two main parts, the missions file/folder (many people chose not to compile the mission befre uploading it, this allows easier editing and modifying without having to redownload and upload the entire mission PBO. And the @life_server mod that has to run on the game server. This mainly handles things like multiplayer interactions such as bank transfers, and the interface to the database server.

Altis Life uses ExtDB extension to communicate with a SQL database, this means that player stats are persistent across server restarts. this is pretty much a black box in terms of scripting, so I recommend leaving it alone. Life uses a functions.h file to register all functions at mission start, this increases performance when scripts are run more than once as they are only compiled once.

I recently changed the way I Mod my server. I have decided to create my own file hierarchy next the the core one, this means it will be easier to port it over when the time comes to update to a new altis life version as fewer original core files have been modified.

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